BASIC PLUS – large formats

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Upholstered panels

The mollis® BASIC PLUS series is distinguished by non-standard formats that facilitate and significantly accelerate the installation procedure of the panels on large surfaces. The available shapes are rectangles with dimensions of up to 30×90 cm and 60×60 cm squares! The series includes black velvet and navy blue, fabrics with a well-felt weave in several shades of grey, and even browns and beiges with a leather-like, soft finish. Such a wide selection of materials creates unlimited possibilities of arranging panels in various types of rooms.

The panels can be arranged in the form of monochrome, uniform décors or in any combination of shapes and colours within one collection, because BASIC PLUS fabrics are also available in series with smaller formats.

Panel dimensions:

  1. 300x900x37 mm
  2. 600x600x37 mm


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